The Best Leggings and Tops for 2018—and well into the Coming Years!

Especially with the gym and working out being a huge fashion trend these days (not that it’s good for your health or anything) the industry for leggings and sports tops have exploded. Not only does that mean great for places like us, but it’s also fantastic for consumers and gym-goers like you, who are looking for the perfect pair of leggings that not only fit you nice and snug but make you look good too!

Whether you are sifting through leggings and tops through online shopping, checking out the long tops for leggings in India or wherever around the world, you’ll be able to find the perfect women’s tops for leggings.

With the rising popularity in aerobic workout classes, it almost seems like we’ve gone back in time to the 80s, where the only difference between our outfits now and then are really just leg warmers and those hideous headbands.

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There are so many different varieties, too. There are tops for leggings for casual wear, long tops for leggings, and tops for leggings fashion. Searching online puts a whole catalog of leggings and tops images and leggings tops dresses at your fingertips.

However, now with all these extra technology advancements, like “sweat wicking” and “aerodynamic”, spandex clothes have really upped their game and made it impossible to pick specific clothes for you to wear. Something that clothes from now and clothes from back then definitely have in common is that they are compression clothing and wear—which means that they are super tight on your body.

We know you’re not one to just jump on the bandwagon so you might simply be just thinking—how will these compression clothes actually help my workout?

Well, we’re here to help you with this guide. We hope that in not only explaining the trend but also offering you the names of the best women's leggings and top sets, we can help not only inform you but also convince you that these are the best things to hit fashion trend since, well, leggings in the 80s!

Does Compression Wear like Leggings and Tops Really Help My Workout?

Although the world isn’t teeming with scientists feening to know the answer to that question, there are plenty of researchers at sportswear companies like Nike who really have all the features and their reasons down pat.

All that extra leggings and tops outfits research has paid off, however—with top brands like Nike and Adidas really taking off and raising their game for their athletes and consumers.

Science Data Research Compiles the Benefits

What did all that research bring us to? Well, in fact, compression clothes actually DO help your training—especially when aiding in recovery.

In these studies, like the ones done to see if the compression shorts helped volleyball players jump higher or harder. Even though the shorts didn’t actually have any effect on their power or height, there were able to sustain that power and height for much longer than they did when they didn’t wear them. The compression definitely helped aid them in holding the muscles in place as they went through moves that created power and impact. Since the muscles were kept in place, they didn’t fatigue as easily.

How does this study help you? Well, for your workout—no matter what it is, but especially if it contains jumping, running, and plyometric exercises—compression wear like leggings and tops can definitely help you perform better and last longer in the gym.

Although there are a ton of benefits when it comes to relaying more and more oxygen to the muscles when wearing compression clothes, we won’t bore you with all the data that’s out there. However, just know that compression leggings actually help the muscles maintain more power and activity by getting more oxygen to the muscle and tapping into all the energy potential.

If you do want to learn even more research, researchers definitely have tapped into the potential of compression leggings when talking about recovery. Recovery is such a huge deal to an athlete, it’s what makes it possible for them to give their 100 percent effort at every training, which will overall make them—and you—a better athlete. The compression clothes help reduce muscle swelling, relieve soreness, and regain the optimum maximal joint mobility quickly.

Okay, you’re sold. You’re about to head out and purchase a pair of compression leggings and a matching top from your local store (or us!). However, before you press that purchase button, you should know what you’re looking for in the perfect compression leggings.

Here are a few features that you should aim for when picking out the perfect pants (and tops):

  1. Look for a pair of pants that improve blood circulation and post-recovery. Especially if recovery is your main reason you’re purchasing the compression leggings or if that’s what their main purpose is.

How it works: When you’re working out, your blood is trying to get as much oxygen as possible to your muscles. Since there is so much oxygen going out and not that much going out, it builds up and forms lactic acid. Lactic acid is what’s responsible for those “sore” feelings, like pain, fatigue, and cramping. Certain compression clothing, fortunately, is designed to stimulate all that blood flow and reducing the lactic acid build up. Even though leggings and tops really have got everything covered in terms of muscles in your body, you can also invest in different compression clothes to help reduce that lactic acid in various areas throughout your body, like compression socks, calf sleeves, shorts, full tights, and shirts.

When it comes to recovery, these compression leggings and tops use “graduated compression”, which are pants and tops that are tighter in the extremities to help increase the blood flow back to your core. They also use another type of compression recovery, which is called “compartmental compression”—this type of compression is tighter in particular areas. If you are an athlete, you’ll definitely benefit more with these types of compression clothes because they help sport-specific movements. They give extra support to those certain muscles and joints that are used while playing and competing, reducing the micro-damage to the muscles. They also protect those joints that are more at risk, like your knees.

  1. Look for leggings and tops with sweat-wicking ability. Since these are made to work out in and especially since in most cases, they aren’t cheap, you’ll be thankful that you’ve gotten clothes that can wick away sweat. In general, you’ll want to avoid materials and fabrics like cotton, which easily retains moisture and sweat. This will make your workout much more uncomfortable. If you have an opportunity, choose clothes that are light, breathable, and have the term “sweat-wicking” in their features. These fabrics will most likely be made from spandex and nylon. They will take the sweat away from your skin, absorb it, and then have it evaporate into the air. If you are an avid sweater, you’ll definitely want to invest in it! You can then finally workout comfortably and even drive home drier than you normally would!

Even if it isn’t summer, you can still sweat a lot in winter, especially if you’re planning to work inside. So, don’t save those sweat-wicking purchases just for the hot season.

  1. Make sure your clothes are comfortable and have a high range of motion. You’ll be moving around, maybe in some ways that you’ve never moved before. It’s important that you are as comfortable as possible at all times! These particular clothes are designed for movement, meaning that you can actually move freely about without any problems! Some people make the mistake in interpreting “comfort” for loose and non-fit clothes. You want to be comfortable in your clothes while you’re working out but you don’t want to be drowning in them—loose clothing can actually be a hazard since it might catch on skin and restrict your range of motion! You also don’t want those clothes too tight either where they will chafe on your skin and also restrict your movement—or not cover up when you’re in downward dog.
  2. Look for leggings and tops that not only last during any weather but also are designed to protect you from it! Whether you are working out in the sun, you’re by the beach and there is a ton of wind whipping at your body or if you are kicking butt in the rain, these clothes can actually help protect you from harmful UV-rays, wind, and rain. These fabrics normally have synthetic membranes that coat regular fabrics, making it windproof, waterproof and breathable. Although there are a ton of great leggings and tops that help you with the cold, we do suggest that you layer up instead. That way, while you’re working out, you can always remove layers as you go so that you won’t heat up inside as your body warms up. Overall, these clothes are great to allow you to work out, even in nature.
  3. Your clothes can be a great support system. No woman hates a moment more than when they forget to bring their sports bra to the gym or for a run. Well, there are plenty of moments that you might hate much, much more. However, running without a sports bra or running without a proper one with quality support is just irritating and painful. If you are planning to do high-impact exercises and running and would like to avoid bouncing and back pain, clothes with high-quality support is essential in your workout outfit—especially in your tops.
  4. If you’re going to be outside, choose tops that are visible. With highlighter yellows and pinks high in style, there’s no excuse for you to find a top that is not only fashionable and functional but also safe. Especially if you’re going to be working out outside before the sunrises or at night, you’ll need to wear clothes that are highly visible—especially if you’re going to be running on roads that have poor lighting. If you choose bright, reflective gear, you can be seen much easier—it’s such a simple choice to make when purchasing tops. Don’t pick the black top and head for highlighter green!
  5. There are clothes that are geared towards injury prevention—Pick those! It doesn’t matter if you’ve even got injured before, injury prevention is a very smart thing to do—and easy to achieve. Injury-prevention clothes can go from your head to your feet—especially your feet. Having the proper shoes are extremely important.
  6. Invest in clothes that will last. You might be spending a little more on your clothes initially. However, they’ll have a longer lifeline than other types of clothes, which you will then not have to replace later. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to declare bankruptcy on your account just because you went shopping for your new gym membership. You can easily invest in a few quality-selected items first and then do your research in finding the perfect choices for you and for your budget. If you’re looking for tips, spandex fibers normally last the longest among most of the fabrics!

Now that you know everything you should know about leggings and tops, let’s direct to our top choice for leggings and our top choice for tops!

Best Leggings of 2018

For, we really recommend choosing our top leggings brand, which comes in a variety of different colors! Our CO-Skinny Color Leggings come in four different sizes and six different colors! With so many options to choose from and at a great price, it’s easy to pick and choose which is best for you—or when in doubt, buy them all! The perfect choices for any outfit, these leggings truly make your presence known when you step into the gym. With colors like bright pink, deep gray, lemon-lime, mint, navy blue, and purple, who says you can’t make a statement even when you’re working at! Since there are so many colors, it’s almost impossible not to find a pair of leggings to match your outfit.

Designed with soft and skin-friendly material, you never have to worry about rashes ever again—even when you sweat. Perfect for a workout since it has optimum compression, a high waistband, a lift in the rear area, an anatomic waistline, abdomen-flattening properties, and control and support. These pants are truly everything you need whether you’re walking around or at the gym in one purchase.

Best Top 2018

Our best fitness top—meaning sports bra, is our CO-Nightfall Top. Complimenting the shape of your body perfectly and showing off the confidence in your body, you’ll easily get complimented—but that’s not why you should wear it! Fashionable enough to wear without the shirt, this top is a perfect complement to any type of bottoms.

The designer top is made with Supplex materials, making it extremely flexible. As you move, while you’re working out, the CO-Nightfall Top will move along with you. It has the control and support you need when you need it the most—while you’re moving around!

Best Blouse 2018

Our CO-Blusa Shinny definitely stands out in a crowd. Not only does it look good, with its shiny colors, it also helps you feel good, too! With supporting back straps that help you with whatever workout you’re training, this fitness blouse/top will help you stand out from the rest.

With its red and yellow solid colors, you can easily pair with a few of our leggings to match. The shirt is designed to hug your body with control and support, enhance your breasts, flatten your abdomen, and leave you looking and feeling great—without being too tight for movement!

If you need any more convincing, especially if you’re looking to purchase one of our own leggings or tops, there is nothing better at persuasion then knowing what’s absolutely good for you. When you look at clothing items, there is nothing luxurious about leggings and tops—they purely are really beneficial for you in the long run. If you need true convincing, you should take a look at some of these extra benefits:

Some More Benefits of Workout Leggings and Tops

Clothes shouldn’t only be purchased purely for functional reasons—even if they are for working out. To be able to be your greatest self and carve the best you from beneath all that insecurity, you’ll need to also feel your best to. To feel your best, it definitely helps to look your best!

These leggings and tops look great! Especially when you might be putting yourself in a vulnerable place or position, it helps to look your best so you can feel the most secure. You’re clothing definitely has a say on what will make you feel good. The best leggings have form-fitting stitching that smooths your silhouette and defines your waistline—even if you don’t think too much about it. While wearing leggings you don’t have to worry about chafing, sagging or visibility. With the highest quality pair of leggings, you’ll be able to squat worry-free!

Of course, the same goes for the tops, too. The best tops and blouses on the market will not only make you feel comfortable while working out, but you’ll also feel great with them on, too. They are highly designed to accentuate your assets and flatten those not-so-desirable parts of your body so you have the best of both worlds.

The clothes truly feel great. Whether you are working out, lounging about, running your daily errands or even going to work—sporty-chic is now generally business-friendly—you’ll feel truly great in that second skin you’re in. With the ultra-stretch capability, flexible leggings, freedom of movement, and yoga approval, you can wear these clothes and feel great doing it. Especially since these clothes have moisture-wicking technology, you’ll be able to feel comfortable—even when you’re sweating. The “technology” finds the moisture, grabs it away from the surface, and keeps you dry and comfortable. No matter if you’re looking to purchase the leggings or the tops, both go great together.

You can wear adequate clothes for the activity you’re participating in. It’s 2018. Professionals are so advanced and business has come such a long way that there are actually specific clothes designed for specific activities. If you’re planning on participating in a spinning class, you should wear a compression-fit design with breathable material. If you want to run, you should aim for those aero-dynamic shorts that leave you feeling light as a feather. It’s important that your clothes fit the bill and with such a broad range of variety, it’s hard not to find the perfect outfit—no matter what the exercise. Investing in leggings and tops not only are sensible in the fact that they can be used no matter what the occasion may be, but they are also designed as the perfect equipment for any type of workout. Everyone talks about how important it is for your to warm up, stretch, fuel yourself with the proper nutrition, and stay hydrated. However, one of the top priorities is hardly ever: wear the right outfit. But the proper clothes and gear is much more important than you might have thought.

They actually can help you lower your stress levels. Living with a schedule where we have about a million things going on at once, minimizing all that pressure in your life is hardly something you would want to pass on, right? Especially if you are a person who is prone to feeling anxiety, a pair of soft, cozy, yet form-fitting yoga pants can easily make you feel better and help you from the inside out. An oversized sweater and a pair of leggings can go a long way—especially on a girl’s worst day.

No matter what you may say or think—a quality pair of leggings can actually make that grueling workout easier for you! Especially if you’re training in a public place, doing sit-ups and bridges can make you feel self-conscious that everyone can see just about everything—whether they want to or not. However, leggings are the perfect solution to keep everything where they’re meant to be—away from prying eyes! Studies have also shown that a quality pair of leggings and a workout top can do wonders for your actual motivation, as well. Since wearing them specifically for a workout will help you mentally prepare for that workout, you’ll even feel ready—physically, too.

They’re actually better for your health than regular pants. Ever think skinny jeans have really taken it too far? Leggings have really eliminated all those “too tight” and “restrictive” features that “regular pants” have. Although you may think that they are also tight—we would prefer to refer to them as “form-fitting”. They are held close to the body, like a second skin but are made to move with your shape, not alter your body or numb your limbs! To avoid all those possible mishaps of too tight clothes, make sure to shop for the proper size!

They can be worn literally anywhere. For the perfect pants that can be used athletically, in the workplace, and just about anywhere, a quality pair of leggings can be slipped on for any occasion. This not only saves you the hassle of trying to find an outfit to correspond to all the different events on the same day—but it also saves you money, too! Imagine wearing the same pants all day to work and then just changing your top for the gym?  This is a huge benefit—saving you tons of time, money, and effort!

Especially if you are dealing with injuries or work out so hard that you find yourself walking funny while you’re sore, a quality pair of leggings can do wonders for you! Not only can you stretch anywhere, at any time, you can also reap the benefits from their compression technology, which actually helps rather than hinder your recovery—and they make your butt look great, too!

If we haven’t convinced you, we at least hope that we’ve given the guidance and resources you may need to find the perfect leggings and tops for you for 2018. Even though the year is almost up, there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead and stocking your wardrobe with the perfect workout outfits for the upcoming year’s resolution! Plus, you can’t go wrong with great deals, leggings, and tops you can wear just about anywhere, and clothes that honestly just make you look and feel so good.

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