Toning, Slimming, and Covering Up: Waist trainer for Back Fat

From all the different ways that a woman can criticize her body, it’s definitely surprising to see that one of the things that could most bother her is behind her. Whether you call it bra bulge or high up love handles, it means all the same—defining the same, horrible imperfection that haunts us in our supermodel dreams—dreaded back fat.

Excess fat can bulge out when wearing a bathing suit, making you want to cover up when you really should be showing off! We’re here to help you. Whether you are originally getting a waist trainer for lower abdomen or you want to know if there is a corset that doesn't cause back fat, poured finitely in luck. There is a way that you can look good and not have to worry about a waist trainer pushes back fat up.

The worst part of back fat is that it is as stubborn as can be. No matter how much you exercise, you just can’t seem to lose it! What if we told you there was a way how to hide back fat with waist trainer? It’s no miracle—it’s a waist trainer!

You can take the time to look up the best waist training corset for weight loss or how to get rid of back fat when wearing a waist trainer, or you can simply read on and not how we’ve answered all your issues in this one article.

First off, we’ll let you know why back fat is a problem—from what causes back fat to our step-by-step approach on how to get rid of it.

If you’ve done everything you can or are just simply are looking in the mirror and can’t understand why there is fat around your waist and back, here are a few reasons that might be the cause:

  1. You don’t use it, you lose it. If you’re not over here toning and using those back muscles on purpose, you’ll notice that they are used way less than the muscles on your frontal plane of your body like your chest or your biceps. Just like with any other muscle in the body, if you don’t use it, you’re going to lose it to atrophy, which is a scientific term describing when you lose strength in certain muscles. Once those muscles go loose (if they were there to begin with, at all), you’ll lose definition and tone. This will then, in turn, result to that extra fat wiggling about that you hate so much.
  2. You’re not paying attention to the extra pounds. Unfortunately, we can’t really control where some extra fat goes on your body. If we could, we would definitely pick and choose some choice areas. If you found that you have a little bit too much body fat, your body type might be the one to have the fat accumulate in your back. Some other people’s bodies will shove extra fat down to their stomachs or to their hips. Your back is just like another one of those problem areas. Even though you’ve stayed relatively fit all your life, you might notice that once you reach a certain age you’ll start to accumulate fat much easier. Unfortunately, aging usually doesn’t agree with us and the hormones we lose or gain are responsible for the ease in gaining fat.
  3. You have pore posture. More likely to be true than not, most of us suffer from pore posture, which can simply be a result of a lack of strength in the proper muscles we need to maintain that posture, like your core or your back. Even though a poor posture isn’t solely responsible for back fat, it will “help” emphasize and showcase it to the world. When you are slouching or hunching over, the extra fat or skin you may have can puddle over right into the back area—as well as other areas.
  4. You are pinpointing your problem. Unfortunately, your body isn’t like a math formula—well at least in the way you lose weight. When you want to lose some extra fat, you might find yourself trying to pinpoint your problem, trying to work the one part of your body (your back, in this case) to death just so it can eliminate fat in that one area. However, all that work might not come bearing any fruit. Subcutaneous fat loss is normally lost in a general area and not just in one specific area. Although there is nothing wrong with training various, specific muscle groups—quite the contrary (you should be)—it won’t necessarily know what you want and eliminate that back fat. You can tone the area while working on those muscle groups. However, to get rid of the fat on top of the muscle, you’ll need proper nutrition, cardio, strength training—the whole nine yards. Although you may think that’s a lot of work for just a bulge of back fat, your body will thank you in general.

Although you might even be eating right and exercising, it’s possible that you still don’t end up with the perfect body—let alone you also end up with back fat. Back fat can actually have a negative impact on your body in terms of pain, like back pain.

Before we help you get rid of back fat when wearing waist trainer, first we’re going to help you define what back fat is.

What is Back Fat?

When you eat much more than you should—especially fat—then the body stores it away in a form of fat. This will often cause your skin and body to bulk out in a variety of different areas, including the back. The stubborn, fat tissues can seem like they ruin what would otherwise be a great outfit.

Fortunately, this lingering problem can be solved, just as easily as staying healthy—which might not be easy at all. Back fat is basically an indicator that your muscles need to be strengthened—especially those found in your back (but in general). However, no matter how fit or unfit you are, a poorly worn or fitted bra can bring you down—and push that back fat up.

Okay, now you know what back fat is—why is it so hard to get rid of it?

Short answer, it is very stubborn! You might think that the bulge beneath your bra may never go away. However, with the proper attention, it can definitely, slowly—if anything—get away. You might be wondering why it’s so hard to “see the back of” your back fat and understanding the problem and where it comes from can help you get rid of it.

First off, even though everybody’s body works in different ways. However, most bodies will hold their fat cells in the back. This means that extra fat will automatically be sent over there.

Also, the body works like a clock. In that, there is a certain order of where you first gain weight. For example, if you first start gaining weight, you’ll notice that you’ll start to see it in certain areas. For some women, it’ll be the hips or the thighs, for others, it will be the breasts or the stomach. However, across the board, you’ll often see that the back will be one of the very first places where you notice fat accumulating.

Unfortunately, losing weight will then go in the reverse order, meaning that the very first place you’ll gain weight will be the last place that will shed the extra pounds.

If you want to get rid of that corset upper back fat you should start doing exercises that target that specific area. Even though the results from community stories and pictures of a waist trainer before and after experience are usually pretty inspiring, simply wearing the waist trainer might not get you your ideal body—you might have to put in a bit of work to get there.

Before you engage in any physical exercise (especially if you are considering wearing the waist trainer while working out), we would definitely advise you to consult your doctor and mention all the exercises you plan on working with.

After you get the “okay” from doc, you can look into these types of exercises to help you get rid of that back fat.

Exercises to Bust the Back Fat Away

Even though you should be working out your body through cardio and general movement, there are some specific target exercises that can really get your back fat working.

  • Get Your Pull Ups On:  Although you might think you’re not strong enough to get even one pull-up in, there are ways around that where you can execute the same body mechanisms as a pull-up without actually having to struggle through a pull-up. Since your back is built of multiple different muscles, it’s hard to reach all of them at once. However, a pull up definitely targets multiple muscles in the back and makes them work. A “standard” pull-up, gripping the bar with your palms facing out, is your ultimate goal, however, here are a few other “pull-ups” that you can work on:
      • Negative Pull-Ups: Another name for reverse pull-ups, in this exercise you should be standing on something high to be able to hoist yourself up against the bar so that your arms are flexed and holding. When you execute the exercise, lower your body down (instead of pulling it up like a normal pull-up). This will be one rep.
      • An Assisted Pull-Up: Whether you’re using a machine, a person or a large band, you can execute the pull up without having to lift up your full weight.
  • Get Your Rows On: The rowing exercises typically target most of your back muscles—so you really can’t go wrong here. The benefit of having all these different exercises in your artillery is that you can work those back muscles without getting bored from doing the same exercise all the time. You can also change them up according to your overall strength and skill level. If you are a beginner, you’ll want to start slow.
      • Inverted TRX Row: Working your way up to the pull-up, you can use TRX, which is suspension training at its best. These rows will have you suspended but not as scary as the full pull-up. While performing this exercise, you’ll be working on your scapula and rear delt muscles.
      • Rows for Days: Whether you are doing a Dumbbell Row or a Renegade Row, I think you’ve gotten the idea that rows are very important in eliminating back fat and working on your strength. The great thing is that although you’ll need weights, you don’t have to necessarily do these exercises in a gym. Easily done by a bench, a couch or low-standing table, you’ll need this hitch up for the dumbbell row. Rest one knee on your table/bench, and stand with the other leg but still distribute your weight evenly between the two feet. Using a hand weight in the arm opposite of your rested knee, bend it backward in a rowing motion while your torso is bent over forward with a flat back. The renegade row is a little more advanced, physically. From a plank position, you should be holding weights in both hands. Without swinging from side-to-side, alternatively pull the weight back with each arm, squeezing your back.
      • The Rowing Machine: If you want to combine the great benefits of rowing as an exercise with cardio to workout, you’ll love the rowing machine. As one of the most popular workouts out there nowadays, the rowing machine can offer you a fantastic back workout with the versatility of creativity so you’ll never get bored. You can either row for time, distance or speed, helping target various aspects of your fitness and keeping things interesting. You can easily hop on one at the gym or take a rowing class with other people to help motivate you.
  • Other Back Exercises to Blow Out Back Fat:
      • T-Y-I: You can do this exercise in a standing position, on balance on a physio ball or lying facing down on the floor. You should have a dumbbell in each hand. First comes the “T”, with your arms bring the weights straight out at 90 degree angles with your torso and back again, then the “Y”, which, with your thumbs up, has you forming your body into a “Y” position and back again, and then an “I”, with your arms right up above you.
      • Push-ups: One of the most basic exercise movements, the push-up—although very original—is extremely beneficial when it comes to working out the back and chest. To really tap into your back and work on getting that back fat out of the equation, do a standard push-up but with your hands in a wider stance. Making this subtle change engages your back much more instead of the chest. While you’re doing the exercise, lower yourself as slowly down as possible and if you can, hold yourself at that bottom position for a few seconds.
      • Jump Rope: Any and all kinds, really. Even though when people think of jumping rope they think of a cardio exercise, you can actually work out your back with it, as well. When you’re jumping rope, you’re hitting your shoulders primarily, your back secondarily, and then burning fat all over the place.
      • Pedal to the Metal: Another great upper body cardio exercise is the upper body cycle or the arm bicycle. Even though most people don’t tend to go near it, it can really get your upper body muscles moving around. To target your back, specifically, on that machine, “pedal” backward instead of forward.

If the Exercise Just Isn’t Cutting It

So, you’ve done all the recommended exercises and you still find yourself struggling with back fat while you’re working out. You can focus on smoothing down your back fat with modern, body shaping devices that not only train back fat but also help flatten it out. These compression garments are great to not only train your body in the long run, they also make you look and feel great in the short run—they also help with posture!

Here are a few body shapers you can wear that are helpful when it comes to putting away back fat:

1. Shaping Vests: These compression vests are perfect for men who are also looking for a little help with their posture and for shaping their upper bodies. Especially for men who need a little bit of confidence to show the muscles they are sculpting, these shaping vests are tight enough to hold down back fat and outline the muscles. If you’re looking for a compression garment that focuses solely on the upper body, these are great—especially for men. Those wearing shaping vests can choose one in particular according to their body type, color, and style. Although there is no real reason women shouldn’t wear them, women are advised to find a different kind of support and compression garment because of their bust and their waist.

2. Open-Bust Body Shapers: If you want to wear your favorite bra, you can use an open-bust body shaper, since they are braless. Especially since a common complaint with compression garments is that their bras often don’t fit the customer very well, an open-bust body shaper is a great solution. Often designed in nude or black color, these shapers run all the way down to your mid-thigh. You can get these shapers so that they have the clasps at the front instead of a slip. Most women turn to open-bust body shapers when they don’t want to use a slip or a camisole. They really run along the entire torso, offering compression shape with abdominal support and hip shaping properties. You can choose your size and elasticity of the shapers to best fit and hug your body.

3. Longline Bras: These bras really cover it all. They go from being a well-fitted bra to a high-shaping garment. Extending from the bust all the way down to the hips, longline bras have great support, not only for the bust but also for the back and the rest of the torso. You can also consider longline bras to be waist shapers, with their extension, when worn under a dress. It also smooths everything over—especially when you are wearing tight clothing. Since they are often strapless, they’re perfect for strapless dresses or shirts. Longline bras also benefit those who suffer from back pain—since normally the source of the backache is from poor posture and poor weight distribution. The sizing of these bras can get rather difficult. They have to fit your bust, waist, and hips—especially since its fit helps ensure that it won’t roll up down at the bottom of your waist.

4. Posture Correctors: Although most compression garments work on posture, there are certain undergarments that work specifically on the posture of your back. These compression undergarments use traditional bras with back support so that there is proper weight distribution and neutrality in the back. If you have a smaller bust, you can also use a posture corrector with a lifting bra for the ultimate support. Although they don’t cover the entire torso, they do provide compression for the upper back and chest, eliminating that portion of back fat.

5. Waist Cinchers: As we mentioned before, waist cinchers or belly trainers are designed like corset for weight loss and made to give full support along the mid and lower back, along with the waist. You can wear your own bra with a waist cincher since they are open there and more centralized at the waist. They are put on and off with a zipper at the front and can be slipped on easily. Instead of the constricting firmness and corset dangers, these waist cinchers are made of mesh and easy to breathe in—most of the time. Although it takes some getting use to, they are great waist trainers for back fat.

6. Arm Shapers: If you’re looking for compression undergarments that get rid of back and arm flab, arm shapers can be exactly what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, these two types of fats are the hardest to get rid of, since they often are the last parts of your body to lose fat or slim down. These arm shapers are like bands that not only provide support to your arms but also work your upper arms out during the progression of a normal day. You can add a full vest with the arm shapers, with short or long sleeves. This makes it possible to eliminate all that back fat. However, you need to make sure that they fit you. If you buy them in too tight of a size, they can cut off normal circulation. If you buy them and they are too loose, they won’t offer much support and will roll up.

7. Back-Smoothing Bra: Although not a specific shape-ware or compression garment, the back-smoothing bra will specifically help hide your fat bumps that are located on your back. On the bra, there is no back closure or clunky hardware.


We hope that this introduction and overview of different waist trainers and compression garments can help you eliminate your back fat as much as possible. Especially for such a common issue, getting rid of stubborn body fat can actually be pretty difficult. However, these body shapers, waist trainers, and compression garments can definitely help you hide unwanted lumps, bumps, and back fat, and also help you with your posture.

What’s great about these waist trainers and compression garments is that they can be worn by both men and women—from all different body types. Especially since there are specific features designed especially for each sex, you will have to get the proper one—and in the proper size—or it might not work as effectively as you would like.

You should also know before you go that wearing these waist trainers, body shapers, and compression undergarments isn’t the only thing that you should be doing to help shape your body in the way you want it. As we mentioned in the guide, you need to also eat right and exercise—particularly working out the chest and back muscles—to help get rid of that unwanted body fat—forever!

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