Ultra Silhouette Body
CO-275-Ultra Silhouette Body

CO-275-Ultra Silhouette Body


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CO-275-Ultra Silhouette Body

Ultra Silhouette Body

Ultra Silhouette Body is your life transforming inner garment. It is your little secret that changes your outlook giving you a flawless midsection. With a well defined waistline, you look magnificent, thanks to this silhouette body shaper.

Shrink the problem area comfortably

This body shaper is created with compressive design, which sculpts and shrinks the midsection and other problem areas. It also offers butt-lift that compliments your overall figure. As you step out, heads are bound to turn as your hourglass shape will be irresistible!

So easily to slip into

Ultra Silhouette Body has a flat zipper and therefore you can wear it easily and fast. Whether its morning and you are running late, you have no reason to skip this body shaper. It works like magic leaving you with a flat abdomen, lifted bum and toned shoulders!




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